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From food processing to pharmaceutical, farming, plastics, robotics, pulp & paper and more, Ringmasters offers a diverse inventory of material grades to serve a wide variety of rolled ring requirements in many end-use markets.

At Ringmasters, we pull on a team of knowable engineers, highly trained technicians and dedicated employees to ensure conformance with order requirements, specifications and quality standards. Parts we manufacture for Industrial Equipment & Machinery include:

  • Pumps (Casings, Impellers, Rotors, Seals, Shoes, Wear Rings)
  • Valves (Cages, Discs, Gaskets, Packing Rings, Seals)
  • Tanks (Flanges, Gaskets, Liners, Nuclear Containers, Seals)
  • Bearings (Cages, Inner Rings, Outer Rings, Seals)
  • Wind Power (Base Plates, Column Rings, Segmented Rings, Yaw Mounts)
  • Power (Casings, Clutches, Gas Turbines, Glass Lined Reactors, Journal Bearing, Large Generators, Liners, Nuclear Containers, Rings, Rotors, Steam Turbines, Thrust Bearings)
  • Robotics
  • Food Processing (Beverage Fillers, Blender Components, Diaphragm Valve Components, Drums, Flanges, Mill Components, Mixer Components, Pelletizing Equipment, Sifter, Components, Vats)
  • Farming (Tobacco Milling)
  • Plastics (Pellet Processing Components)
  • Tire (Abrasive Wheels, Mold Rings for Automobiles and Trucks, Off-highway Equipment Tires, Transit Vehicle Tires, Wear Rings)
  • Kilns (Asphalt Driers, Cement)
  • Industrial Fans (Hub Rings)
  • Vacuum Chambers (Flanges)
  • Rubber and Plastic Injection Molding Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment (Medical Imaging Equipment – MRI)
  • Pulp & Paper Mills Equipment
  • Pressure Vessel Gaskets

Downstream Processing

Through our joint-venture partnership, Ringmasters Quality Assurance Program can provide complex review and Level I certification for all your components. Ringmasters inspects 100% of our rings to ensure conformance and performs testing per customer specific requirements. A full range of secondary processes for our customers include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Machining
  • Parting, splitting and segmenting
  • Shot blasting
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspect ion
  • Mechanical analysis (charpy and tensile)
  • Chemical analysis
  • Positive material identification

From helping develop a custom rolled ring solution to meeting quick turnaround needs, Ringmasters has you covered. Contact us for more information.

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OEM Capabilities

Combining the experience of two of the most successful open-die and rolled ring forging companies in North America (Scot Forge and Frisa) Ringmasters has the capabilities and experience to scale up its resources to serve the needs of large OEM companies who compete globally in the most demanding market-environments.

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<span>Quality &</span> Certifications

Quality & Certifications

With our commitment to strict ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, Ringmasters consistently achieves customer acceptance rates of over 99% on product quality.

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